Looking Back-Fall 2017

We just wrapped up our Fall Semester at Elon Dining! By now all of our dining halls are empty, and before we head to break as well we can’t help but think back to all the fun we had this semester!

It always starts and ends with the food, and we were proud to take steps forward in our dining halls to offer meals that were not only tasty and freshly made, but that were also responsibly sourced. We started working more with local farmers and our suppliers to offer products that are locally produced and humanly raised. Going forward we are working hard to offer more and more of these products in our dining halls, not only because it makes our food better, but because it allows our program at Elon Dining to have a positive impact on our community and our planet.

We want everyone that dines with us to find something that they want to eat! We’ve been making improvements to our dining facilities so that we not only offer a variety of options in our dining halls, but that those with special dietary needs feel welcome. Green World at 1889 continues to offer delicious vegan and vegetarian menus, and stations like The Edge in Lakeside Dining Hall offer daily rotating gluten free menus. Our new digital menu boards have made it much easier for everyone who dines with us to quickly identify allergens and the nutritional content of our menus. We’re looking forward to offering even more variety and innovation in our menus next semester!

We also had a ton of fun putting together special events this semester. We enjoyed special themed meals like our Steak and Lobster Dinner, as well as The Great Feast right before Thanksgiving. We had fun surprising students with different pop-up events on campus, most recently surprising tired students in the Belk Library with cookies, milk, and much-needed coffee during exams.

We also invited a number of local businesses to campus to give our students a taste of all the great food that North Carolina has to offer! We brought a number of local food trucks to campus during our Food Truck Wednesdays and Food Truck Frenzy, and even hosted different restaurants from Alamance County in our dining halls during our Alamance Restaurant Takeovers! We’re looking forward to offering even more fun events in the New Year!

We gathered a bunch of great feedback from students and faculty this semester on our Napkin Walls, so we are looking forward to making our program even better next semester. As always, keep checking here and on our social media to keep up with all thing Elon Dining!

It’s a constant pleasure to feed the Elon Phoenix! We hope that everyone has a wonderful break, and we will see you in the New Year!