special events on campus

memorable experiences

Our dining team loves to create unique, memorable events for our guests on campus. From our exclusive Farm Table Dinners to large scale market celebrations with local partners, we want dining events to be remembered long after our guests leave campus. Here are just a few examples of special events that we organize each year.

Farm Table Dinners

Each month we be set up a farm table somewhere on campus where our culinary team will be serving a 5 course plated tasting menu for a small group of guests! This exclusive event is a wonderful way for our chefs to show off their culinary talent!


All our chefs have a food origin story, something that gave them a love for the culinary arts. Gastronomy strives to tell that story to our guests through a three-day series of culinary events each aimed at introducing our guests to these unique stories.


We love to welcome local businesses into our dining halls so that students can experience great food that is right in their backyard. So far we have hosted Press Coffee + Crepes, Steve's Smokehouse, Taaza Indian Bistro, Mediterranean Deli, and Bowl & Naan.


Certain Wednesdays during the school year we hold food truck events on campus. Different local food trucks visit for a few hours around lunch time, and students can use their meal plans to enjoy some delicious food that is not normally offered on campus! We also co-host a larger food truck event with Elon University SUB called Food Truck Frenzy, where 10-12 local food trucks visit campus and serve lunch accompanied by live music!


Our Health and Wellness Manager, holds many events on campus each year. The events are intended both to promote to students the many dietary options that our dining program offers, as well as to educate students about nutrition and healthy eating. Some events include a Vegan and Vegetarian Passport week and a Brain Foods event during exams!


Our on-campus Sustainability Coordinator, Caroline, regularly holds events to promote both our sustainability efforts on campus and our partnerships with local farms and vendors. You may see her out and about hosting a local strawberry tasting one day, and Weighing the Waste in one of our dining halls to increase food waste awareness the next!


We are working with more and more local vendors every year, and we love to share those products with everyone on campus! Look for our local vendors to set up tables around campus to share their products and stories with our community!

Themed Meals

We love organizing occasional special meals for our students. Recently, we held a Fall Festival at Lakeside Dining Hall, which featured a special menu of Fall favorites, outdoor seating, live music from student performers, and Fall-themed décor. We like to host these themed meals in our dining halls each month!