Waste Minimization

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Dining Services composts all pre and post-consumer food waste from every dining kitchen across campus. By diverting our food waste to compost, we decrease our landfill footprint and contribute to nutrient rich soil in North Carolina. During the 2018-2019 academic year, Dining Services composted 160 tons of organic material. Click here to read an article about the third party company, Brooks Contractor, who collects and converts our compost!

Reusable Incentives

With giveaway events and discounts, Elon Dining makes reusables as easy as possible. Each student with a meal plan is given a reusable to-go container at the beginning of the year to use at residential dining locations. Our reusable straw packs are available for $4.99 at Fountain Market. You can also bring your own mug or water bottle to any campus dining facility to use for coffee or fountain drinks!

Compostable Disposables

For times when reusables aren’t available, Elon Dining provides 100% compostable silverware, cups, lids, and napkins. You can help reduce our landfill waste stream by sorting compostables into the right bins – look for the orange lids!


Elon Dining recycles pre-consumer plastic, paper, cardboard, and aluminum, and partners with Elon University to provide post-consumer recyclable options when compostable isn’t available.