Marketplace Under the Oaks

a showcase of student-led businesses

Marketplace Under the Oaks is a Doherty Center initiative that helps student entrepreneurs unleash their creativity by providing them with the support needed to launch their businesses, and opportunities to sell and advertise their offerings across campus.

the showcase

Visit our display case in Clohan Hall's Fountain Market to view and purchase current offerings, or reach out to our student vendor directly. Want to join the marketplace? Send us an email at, and our team will get in contact with you!

our vendors

Learn more about the inspiring student entrepreneurs that make up Marketplace Under the Oaks! Visit each profile to get to know each vendor, and to find out how you can purchase their products!

Designs By Justine

Justine Hurst ‘23

Designs by Justine is a handmade jewelry business specializing in work with sea glass. In addition to bracelets and necklaces, Justine also makes custom stamped rings. For custom work, reach out!

Find them on Instagram: @design_by_justine


Trinity Swepson ‘24

Art+Homes specializes in real estate art and promotional items. Whether it be creating custom watercolor house portraits or engravings, the focus is on allowing art to serve as a forum for craftsmanship and entrepreneurship. For custom work or gifts (custom name keychains, custom magnets, artwork) reach out to

Find them on Instagram: @artplushomes

Tide Side Clothing Co.

Andrew Cohorsky ‘24

Tide Side Clothing Co. sells branded apparel with a promise to donate a percentage of their collection to rebuilding, cleaning up, and preserving beach habitats.

Find them on Instagram: @tidesideclothingco

Nate's Cookies

Nathan Moskowitz, Kevin Coelho, Paris Taliadouros ’23

Nate’s Cookies is a small-batch cookie purveyor at Elon University, specializing in high-quality ingredients, attention to complex-flavor profiles, and offering more than just a simple cookie.

Find them on Instagram: @nates_cookies

What's On Carley's Plate

Carly Kleinwaks ’23

Carly is an Elon University student with a passion for all things cooking! Every recipe within her cookbook is perfect for a beginner or expert chef. Follow along on her culinary journey through her Instagram account, and make sure to pick up your copy of her cookbook today!

Find them on Instagram: @whatsoncarlysplate

Boundless Blackness

Soniyah Robinson ’23

Boundless Blackness is a Black-owned brand and community movement built to explore authentic, multifaceted Black stories and promote the limitless impact of Black culture.

Find them on Instagram: @boundlessblackness

Cape Cod Naturals

Sophia Dejong

Sophia founded Cape Cod Naturals with the goal of sharing a little taste of her happy place on the beaches of the Cape through the scent of a candle. All candles are made from 100% natural soy wax.

Find them on Instagram: @capecodnatural

Good To See You

Ethan Krone ’23

In a world recovering from isolation, “good to see you” means more now than ever. Enjoy and embrace the time you have with friends and family and take nothing for granted. It sure is, Good To See You.

Find them on Instagram: @goodtoseeyoumerch

Check out their Website:

Sneakers By Sophie

Sophie Blumenfeld ’23

Sneakers by Sophie is a customized shoe brand founded in 2015 with the dream of bringing customers’ visions to life, so they can walk around with happy feet whatever the occasion.

Find them on Instagram: @sneakersbysophie


Climate Change Apparel

Matthew Mitten ’23

Climate Change Apparel donates a portion of all profits to environmental charities. This means that each shirt, hoodie, or hat you purchase will help make an impact in the world (while keeping you stylish at the same time).

Find them on Instagram: @climatechangeapparel

Advanced Placement

Scott Goldstein ’21

Co-founded by Elon Grad Scott Goldstein and Parsons School of Design Senior Burke Lanzillo, the brand’s mission is to promote individualistic lifestyles and to never follow the norms. Advanced Placement is anything but textbook.

Find them on Instagram: @advanced_placement_clothing

Cranky Frankie Shop

Frankie Pucci ’21

Frankie, indie digital artist and Elon Grad, believes that the purpose of life is to LIVE – to do anything in the world that makes you happy – or as she likes to say, “feels like magic.” For Frankie, her designs are magical, and she hopes you can find some magic in them, too.

Find them on Instagram: @crankyfrankieart

Elon U Thrift

Grace Granger & Jakob Reuter ’22

U Thrift is an online consignment store for Elon Students to buy second-hand items and get money back for consigning them. Elon U Thrift strives to cut down on the environmental consequences of fast fashion by offering a convenient, affordable way for students to shop second-hand goods and get rid of items they no longer want or need without creating waste or breaking their bank.

Find them on Instagram: @elonuthrift

Luvstitch Boutique

Christina Blaskey ’23

Luvstitch Boutique is a women’s online clothing boutique that strives to provide trendy, high quality clothing designed to make you feel amazing, without breaking the bank!

Find them on Instagram: @luvstitchboutique

Made By Mal

Mal Williams

Made by Mal is a small business featuring handmade crafts and goods with personality. All items are individually curated and carry the heart and essence of their creator.

Find them on Instagram: @madebymalcreations

Sydney Paige Studios

Sydney Gubner ’21

Sydney’s goal for creating her work is to show the beauty in simple things. Whether it be a landscape or something completely abstract, her intentions are to work your imagination and create something pleasing to the eye.

Find them on Instagram: @sydneypaigestudios