To Go Boxes

why we reuse

Elon Dining is proud to support and encourage environmentally conscious habits on campus, and the new, reusable Green To-Go is part of our ongoing effort to reduce waste from single-use products. Replacing single-use compostable to-go boxes with Green To-Go’s eliminates the resource and energy costs associated with processing tens of thousands of single-use containers annually and avoids the additional concern of improper disposal contributing to landfill waste.

how to reuse

Green To-Go’s can be filled and returned at all three residential dining locations: McEwen, Lakeside, and Clohan. When a used container is returned, guests have the option to exchange it for a clean container, or a branded carabiner. The carabiner can be returned at any time and exchanged for a clean container. This exchange option allows guests to travel freely, without the need to wash or carry a container.

who can reuse?

Any Elon student with a meal plan – Block included – will be given a free Green To-Go at the beginning of the year. Faculty and staff who have a meal plan are also encouraged to collect a free Green To-Go at the times listed at For those who would like to participate in the reusable program but do not have a meal plan, containers are available for a one-time purchase of $7!

green to-go pickup times

Orientation Leader Picnic | 8/22

Clohan Hall | 8/23 11am-4pm

Lakeside Dining Hall | 8/24 11am-4pm

McEwen Food Hall | 8/25 11am-4pm

McEwen Food Hall | 8/26 4pm-8pm

Welcome Home Event, Lakeside Patio | 8/27

Lakeside Dining Hall | 8/30 11am-4pm

McEwen Food Hall | 8/31 8am-11am

Clohan Hall | 9/1 11am-4pm

After these pickup dates, remaining boxes can be picked up from Clohan Hall Dining Offices from 9am-4pm, Monday-Friday