To Go Boxes

why we reuse

EU Dining is proud to support and encourage environmentally conscious habits on campus, and reusable Green To-Go is part of our ongoing effort to reduce waste from single-use products. Replacing single-use compostable to-go boxes with Green To-Go’s eliminates the resource and energy costs associated with processing tens of thousands of single-use containers annually and avoids the additional concern of improper disposal contributing to landfill waste. 

who can use the program, and how do I sign up? 

Students, faculty, and staff are welcome to and encouraged to use the program! Signing up is free, all you need is your name, your email and password, and your phone number. Use this link to sign up for your ReusePass account to use the green to-go box program! Your ReusePass account will give you a personalized QR code to use when checking out a container, allow you to manage and view the status of containers you have checked out, and track your environmental impact by reusing.  Pro Tip: Save your personalized QR code to your photos, to your Apple wallet, or to your smartwatch for easy access!  

how do I check out a box? 

When you arrive at any of our residential dining halls, ask the cashier to check out a green box. Be ready with your personalized QR code from ReusePass and scan it when the cashier is ready. The cashier will scan a box to link it to your account, and you’re all set!  

where do I return my container? 

When you’re done with your container, please return it to a cashier at any residential location who will check it back in for you! 

how many containers can I have checked out at once? 

You can have multiple containers checked out at a time if you need to, but be sure to return them before ten days have passed. After ten days without returning a container, your account will be marked as having a “late” container. 

on my ReusePass account, what is the difference between “due soon” and “late”? 

You can view the status of containers you have checked out on the ReusePass portal. A container that is “due soon” is within the ten day checkout window. When a container is marked as “late,” don’t worry! You still have 48 hours to return your container.

additional questions? 

Feel free to contact our Sustainability Coordinator, Leslie Bosse, at or call the EU Dining office at 336-278-5333 with any additional questions about the program.