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Compostables FAQ

Why are we using disposable take-out containers in dining halls?

Following current state and CDC guidelines, we have transitioned to disposable take-out containers to ensure safety of our guests and team members. This allows guests to take their food on the go, and enjoy a meal outside!

Are the take-out containers compostable?

Yes! Almost all take-out materials are compostable, including food containers, utensils, napkins, cups, and lids. Occasionally, Elon Dining chefs use a non compostable condiment container or pastry bag, which can be disposed of in landfill bins.

Can I use my green reusable container?

Not right now – following current state and CDC guidelines, we are currently only using disposable take-out containers. When it is safe to resume using serviceware, we will continue with the reusable takeout program.

Where can I dispose of my take-out container, cup, and silverware?

Compost bins are located outside all dining locations, and across campus! Look for the orange logo and bag.

Where do the compost bags go?

Compostable material from Elon University is sent to Brooks Contractor, a local composting company. Brooks turns our compostable waste into nutrient rich soil for local landscapers and farmers.