Meal Plans

Your table is waiting

Find the perfect Meal Plan to fit your life on campus. Our dining team on campus is excited to welcome you to the table with a variety of different plans centered on authentic culinary experiences. We want to make dining on campus easy, so our plans offer access to a convenient combination of sit down meals, grab and go snacks, retail restaurants, marketplaces, coffee shops, guest meals, and more. Read about all of our available plans below and learn about the features of our plans.

2020-2021 Meal Plans

All Access Plans

With All Access Plans, you can use as many meal swipes as you want throughout the semester in the dining halls. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, late night, if we’re serving it in the dining halls, you can swipe to your heart’s content and try it all. All Access Plans can also be upgraded to include weekly Meal Exchanges.

Block Plans

Living off-campus, and need more flexibility? With our Block Plans, you can choose a set number of meals for the year, depending on how often you’d like to eat on campus. Block Swipes can be used in dining halls as Meal Swipes, or at on-campus retail locations as a Meal Exchange.

Meal Swipes

Meal Swipes can be used in our residential dining halls. Once you swipe in, you can enjoy an all-you-care-to-eat meal. All Access Plans come with unlimited Meal Swipes, while Block Plans come with a set amount of swipes that roll over between semesters, but drop at the end of each year.

Meal Dollars

Meal Dollars come with your meal plan. These can be used at any Elon Dining facility working on the same principle as a debit card. Meal Dollars carry over from Fall to Winter and Winter to Spring (must purchase same or higher priced meal plan in Spring for meal dollars to transfer).

Food Dollars

Food Dollars differ from Meal Dollars in that they are added in addition to your meal plan, they stay on your card as long as you enrolled at Elon, and you also receive a 15% discount when you use Food Dollars at any dining location. Otherwise they are used in the same way as Meal Dollars.

Meal Exchange

A Meal Exchange is a set retail combo that can be used at any of our on-campus retail locations. You can typically get an entrée, side, and drink. All Elon Dining retail locations offer Meal Exchange, so variety abounds! Unused Meal Exchanges expire at the end of each week.

Guest Meals

You can use your Guest Meals to treat friends and family that come visit you on campus! Guest Meals may be used in dining halls or on-campus retail locations. Guest Meals come with All Access Plans, and you may also use Block Plan swipes on a guest as long as the card holder is present.

Phoenix Cash

Though Phoenix Cash does not come with any of our meal plans, this Elon University tender can be used at any of our dining locations. I can also be used at several campus shops, such as the book store and the print shop, so it is best to utilize Meal Dollars at dining locations first.