Ran Lew Dairy Milk Company

Ran Lew Dairy Milk is a family-run company located in Snow Camp, North Carolina. They pride themselves on the fact that their milk is made in the most wholesome way it can come out of a cow because it is low-temperature pasteurized​​​, which preserves the natural nutrients and enzymes while killing the pathogenic bacteria. This is a very different method compared to industrial food companies, who rapidly produce in a high-temperature environment, using ultra-pasteurization to gain additional shelf-life. This method does not produce top-quality nutrients and enzymes in milk like Ran Lew. Additionally, in other milk, a process called homogenization breaks the milk fat globules into tiny pieces so it does not need to be shaken. However, the milk at Ran Lew is non-homogenized, which means that the cream rises to the top after it’s been sitting.

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At Ran Lew Dairy Milk Company, they treat their cows like royalty. They are on a GMO-free diet because studies show that the milk from grass-fed cows contains higher levels of nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and beta-carotene, in addition to higher levels of Omega-3s and conjugated linoleic acid, which are important fatty acids that help fight diseases. If a cow is sick, they are treated with antibiotics and their milk is not processed to ensure safety of the cow and the consumers. Overall, the reason why the milk from Ran Lew is so good and fresh is due to the grass and high-quality food that the cows eat — ensuring the milk tastes the way milk should!